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A powerful formula of natural detoxifiers including milk thistle + dandelion to help clear your body from the inside out

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What it Does

• Provides total support for full-body cleansing process

• Liver, blood, digestive system cleanse

• Increases brain functionality

• Helps with metabolism efficiency

• Supports elimination of impurities from the body

• Removes THC and other harmful substances from your body

Key Ingredients

• Organic Milk Thistle Extract helps bind impurities and eliminate them via normal digestive functions to detoxify the body

• Beet Root is very rich in Iron, Potassium & Vitamins C & B9. It improves blood flow, lower blood pressure, and increased exercise performance

• Organic Yellow Dock Root helps with inflamation of organs as well as guards from further toxins that your body might be exposed to

• Organic Agave Inulin provides potential intestinal health and blood sugar benefits

• Dandelion Extract helps with basic functions of your digestive track

• Ginger Root helps build a strong defensive system in your body cells

• Creatine boosts energy levels

Questions & Answers

How to Take?

• Simply take 6 capsules per day - for 7 days. Its best to take 2 capsules at a time with each meal.

Is it a Permanent Cleanse?

• This cleanse is permanent, as long as you dont continue using or taking drugs after the cleanse is over.

But if anything, just take another bottle and you're clean again!

Should I expect side effects?

• Absolutely not. Our products are made from natural ingredients only including herbs & are plant based.

I have a hard time swallowing capsules. Can I crush them into my yogurt?

• Yes you can, be sure to take all contents of the capsules

Can I have it if I am pregnant?

• If you have any concerns about taking it during pregnancy, we suggest you consult your physician or doctor before taking it

Are these products Dairy Free & Vegan Friendly?

Yes, they are!

Also this detox and all of its ingredients, were never tested on animals at any stage during their production.

Our products also do not have any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
beyker h. (Santo Domingo Este, DO)

Simple THC DETOX 7-Day (4 pack) Strong Fast Acting Detoxifier

William R. (Clearwater, US)
Works in conjunction..

Took in conjunction with rotations of charcoal and then the detoxify drink day of. Worked like a glove. 6’2, 165lb. Heavy cardio athlete.. heavy daily smoker.

Anna S. (Clearwater, US)
Do something

Taking my best option to reduce the wait to bee clean. Drinking water, exercising, and praying. Got a masking agent just in case prayers go unanswered.

Rhonda H. (Clearwater, US)
This stuff really works! 5 stars!!!

This is a product that actually works!
I had no upset stomach, no burping.
After 4 days I could really tell I was detoxing, after 7 I tested drug free!
Thank you!

Bryan R. (Clearwater, US)
Great product with a good price

Was nervous when i saw take up to 4 times a day but these were super easy to swallow, didn’t have any side effects like a lot of other detox pills, and they actually work! Definitely a product i will buy again.